Sound SPA is an integral program of sound, music and touch…

… for the purpose of releasing the tension of physical, emotional and mental body, for the supporting of the perception of what creation of Life means, and for enjoying it.

It was created through my own healing processes of the body, emotions, mind and soul, and grew for the support of other people, that means you and your need for Life :). For this purpose, I chose the art form for which I felt from an early age that it supported me (and many people) in the full experience of the individual moments of life. Sound, music, dance, touch, nature, with the help of right hands and feelings can create many miracles!

I am a creator, artist and alchemist, my contribution is to give people a deep perception of higher vibrations of this world, the vibrations that heal, make sense of life and open our hearts to joy and love.


The purpose of creating the Sound SPA is to support people with sound and touch, enabling them to live ever happier, healthy and high-quality lives, also contributing by their example to others.

The Sound SPA uses sound, music and touch to support the harmonic source field of individuals and society in Slovenia and abroad. It is an indoor and outdoor center where people come in order to become empowered and fully live up to their soul mission. The Sound SPA supports and creates new projects for the good of society.


The Sound SPA with its comprehensive program carries out the mission of waking up the four bodies of man: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

To this end, it implements sound and massage services, workshops, and educational concerts, which control the vibration of the individual cells with their original vibrations, thus opening up the space for new energy and physical strength. All the services combined support the individual parts that are willing to come out, to become liberated, while also advisings on the change of an individual.

About Tjaša

Creator ~ alchimist


About Sound

Strong healing tool

About Massage

Natural medicine


Impressions of participants

Relaxation ~ Calming



Coincidences don’t exist


Time is NOW.

Sound SPA invites you to visit it and awaken yourself there – you can realize the power and passion of your body and mind.

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