Sound transposes events to a higher level, it supports their purpose and brings it to the participants with joy. Concerts are designed to transmit joy and love to people through all the senses, to bring them endless pleasures of awakening to the fullness of life. It is a wholesome experience.

Cultural performance on your event

Sound and music is opening hearts of participants. This contributes to a better and simpler communication at the event and creating nicer creative projects between individuals. However, it is also culturally rich and interesting. The purpose of the crystal instruments and other instruments in business events is to support the theme of the event, to focus on better communication and relaxation of participants and to contribute to the harmony of the event, so as to enable better performance of the event.


Solo Sound SPA concert

The purpose of the concert is to support inner peace in people, their well-being and raise the vibration of the people and the city. Participants can truly experience wonderful sounds of natural instruments and the nature. They can fully open to sound that brings them to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. They are feeling pleasures of top-quality instruments – lira crystal, crystal bowls, gongs, Tibetan singing drums, Native American flutes, vocals and other instruments. The real elixir of love.

Duration: 1 hour

Sound SPA concert with different musicians

Connection with sound artists and musicians creates new music and sound opportunities that ispires and nourishes all senses. Concerts are relaxing, joyfull and the same time visually beautiful and inner rich. During the concert you can feel the pleasure of our work. We support peace and joy in people’s hearts with sound and music. I cooperate with vocalists, guitarists, pianists, violinists, drummers and other sound creators.


Čas je ZDAJ.

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