Individual Sound Recording ‘Fast Solution’


Individual Sound Recording

When you don’t know how to resolve situation you are in in this moment, sound treatment in your manageable time can be a great solution.



Individual sound recordings

Change at this time is the only constant.

Have you felt several different moods these days? First, you are full of energy, then something has ‘hit’ you (external situation or just energy) and you can’t help yourself…

Because it is important to maintain a high vibration at all times, it is good to solve everyday challenges quickly.
We need to be aware and always maintain our heart connection. This means that it is good to be calm, trusting, loving, when faced with challenges.

At this point, it is maybe easy for some of you to sit down for a TV, eat chocolate… etc…
Or – from my experiences easier – to calm down and establish a solution.

Sound helps you to calm down quickly, release emotions, balance energy, and release certain stagnant energies that do not serve the possible quality of your life.
When that moment comes and you can’t get to an individual sound bath due to work or not enough time, I OFFER YOU QUICK SOLUTION.

To quickly resolve the situation in which you find yourself and to quickly deepen yourself, based on your described situation, I will record a sound that will support you in resolving it. You can listen to it anytime on your daily scheadule.
The sound is chanelled in order to release your blockages regarding the situation, at the same time the support of love is made for you.
With the help of vocals and instruments, I transfer the energies needed for your ‘recovery’ and when you listen to the recording, these energies can restore harmony in you.
How do you order a cd?
You can sign up and describe the situation you find yourself in in the notes. Describe what you need.

I will reply to you within 2 hours, and you will usually receive the recording the same day or a day later, depending on my busyness with services and events.

(If necessary, add ‘URGENT’ next to).
The recording is 20 minutes long.
You can also listen to it multiple times.
Price: 25Eur

Order your recording and resolve the situation quickly and easily.

I wish you to live your dreams all the time, in peace and love.



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