Crystal sound and instruments support us in our tunning to the high frequency of the light, governed by different laws of other dimensions. Crystals namely represent purity and high consciousness of Mother Earth, their frequencies support us in the transformation, they nurture us and raise our consciousness. They allow us to take a step forward in our awareness of ourselves and bring new information to Earth.

A long time ago my path brought me close to crystals. Actually, my grandmother sparkled this interest in me, and only later did I realize how valuable all she gave me really was. I found out about the acoustic crystalware via the Internet at a time when there were no such specimens in Slovenia. I ordered the crystalware from the US and was very grateful for it. Later, when the sound of crystalware spread across Slovenia, I was still looking for the best specimen. I was thankful that these were made in Germany. Then I realized that we could develop the same right here in Slovenia. With the help of the Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks we have been trying to develop their own crystalware. In fact, their sound was wonderful, but the project did not develop further. Nevertheless, from the Steklarna Rogaška Slatina glassworks we, the Kristalinke, received sponsorship crystalware for our concerts which play wonderfully and can also be used to carry out audio sessions.


My idea is to develop something more, so that we could support our Slovenian companies in their work and help them to further manufacture more crystalware.
For this purpose, a new project of producing sound vibrating crystalware for everyday use is being prepared.


I invite everyone who wants to financially support our projects, those who want to help promote the project itself to the public and those who would like to join us at the very performance.

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