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It is a great pleasure for us that the amazing world professional vocal and sound teacher, Nestor Kornblum, comes to Slovenia for us.

This year I met him for the first time in Croatia in the Harmony program in Pašman, and I was astonished by his energy and dedication to singing. In the workshop, we learned to sing overtones and using voice to heal others and ourselves. A wonderful work which reminds us that everything is already within us, that everyone with sound can help themselves, and that voice is the most powerful tool that can be used to harmonize everything that exists. In addition, overtones come from natural sacred geometry and they bring perfect harmony to the world.
Sacred geometry is also mathematics.

Nestor showed mandala sacred geometry that is made with sound on a sand. That happens in our bodies, too. When you feel it in your voice, you know that you are singing that right frequency and you are creating harmony in cells and the physical body in humans.
He also showed us how to make a sound session for a person with a voice. Grateful that I was a model, I felt on my own body that voice / vocal was the most powerful healing tool I knew. And, I already know beautiful top quality instruments …

Nestor Kornblum is a remarkable teacher who sings what seemed to me utterly impossible. And with that heals …


I invite you to:

An experiential seminar, led by a European leader and teacher of a sound therapy and overtone singing workshop.

A brief overview of the theory and science of how sound therapy works with practical demonstrations.

Learn Magic vocal overtone singing techniques with a system that Nestor has designed for 23 years. Discover some of its potential uses as a healing tool.

Enjoy the peace and unity of group intonation in the sound of our voices in harmony.

Experience therapeutic tuning forks specifically tuned to natural harmonic frequencies to restore balance and harmony.

Nestor’s clarity, humor and simple style ensure a fun and practical experience. Everyone will be given useful audio tools to practice at home. During the workshop, Nestor will also include a demonstration of overtone singing.

Each day will include warm-up and breathing exercises, overtone singing or tuning fork exercises, and voice exercises.

Who can attend this course?

  • Anyone interested in sound and music
  • Therapists of any treatment modality who want to incorporate sound into their work. This may include yoga, Tai Chi, massage and body work, dance, craniosacral therapy, and more.

The most important aspect of this therapy is that everyone learns to use the tools they already have to experience health, well-being and increased levels of vibration.

A deeply meditative and healing experience. Nestor sings overtones in Western, Tibetan and Mongolian “deep voice” style accompanied by shruti or monochords. It also plays on various worlds and ancient musical instruments with many overtone tones such as flute, didgeridoo, mouth bow, drommel and Tibetan bowls.

Source of overtone singing

Overtones singing is an ancient technique that allows a singer to create 2 or more sounds at the same time as his / her voice. Despite the fact that the origin of this technique is somehow unclear or mystical, a lot of information has recently appeared in the research on the current use of this technique, as well as some source information from different parts of the world.
Singing overtones as a technique and cultural or spiritual musical form has developed in Mongolia, South Siberia, Central Asia, Tibet and South Africa. There are several theories that this technique had a ritual and spiritual purpose in Kabbalistic ceremonies, mystical schools and Sufi exercises. Some theories say that it has been used for a long time in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and Mayan Central America.

Overtones, also known as harmonic tones, were first seen in the west, discovered by Pythagoras about 2600 years ago. The famous Greek philosopher and mathematician was also a musician and, along with his fellow students, spent many academic years on sound and vibration. As he learned how to play the monochord, a simple one-stringed instrument, he found that all sounds were built from multiple vibrations or frequencies, not just one, as our ears usually perceive.

Singing overtones has many therapeutic effects. The most obvious are hypnotic, such as trans, on both the listener and the performer. This effect is a form of deep meditation that relaxes, balances and cleanses the chakras and creates a feeling of lightness and health. The sound of overtones helps to balance the two cerebral hemispheres, as it takes into account both the logical, reasonably left half, given the mathematical precision of the overtones scale, and the creative, right brain half through musical expression (when already skilled in the art).

Singing overtones, when practiced with purpose, can serve as a very powerful tool for the vibrational reprogramming of our physical, mental and emotional body with a more natural one that is in harmony with everything. The beauty of this technique is that it goes past the intellectual mind and through the creature without first analyzing it.

We will also create with metal tuning forks.


Fri – Sunday, October 23 – 25 2020


A remarkable land of Veduna retreats, near Velenje

Course of the seminar:

FRIDAY, October 23 :

16 – 17 arrival for seminar participants
17th – 19th Nestor Kornblum concert and short presentation of the seminar (for participants and outside)
19 – 20 snack and socialize


8 – 9 group walk in nature
9-10 Breakfast
10-14 seminar
14 – 15 lunch
15-18 seminar
18 – 20s sauna, massages (extra charge for massage)

SUNDAY, 25.10.

8 – 9 group walk in nature
9-10 Breakfast
10-14 seminar
14 – 15 lunch
15-17 seminar
17 – 18 final toast, packing and departure


365 Eur

The price includes:

. all meals (2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner) and use of the amenities of the Veduna retreat center (seminar place, sauna). The meals are vegan or vegetarian, the food is from eco-farms and from the Veduna greenhouse)
– 2x sleep on Veduna Retreats
– seminar
– translation of the seminar is guaranteed

The price does not include:

– individual sessions – massages, sound sessions
– turist tax (3.50 Eur per 2 days)
– payment for single room – adding 60 Eur



Registration for the seminar and concert for up to 5.10.2020 at http://zvocni-spa.si/registration-for-an-event/ or call us on 00386 31 568 711.

To secure a place reservation it is necessary to pay 200 Eur by 5.10.2020 (I will send an invoice upon registration), the rest must be paid by 21.10.2020.


Teacher: Nestor Kornblum

Nestor Kornblum (South Africa / Spain) is the co-director and co-founder of the Association for Sound Therapy & Harmonic Studies (Spain) and the International Association for Sound Therapy (I.A.S.T.). He is a sound therapist, author, moderator and singer of overtones of international renown, and today he works and runs sound therapy courses around the world. He has made numerous appearances in interviews on television, radio and in the press, and has written articles in English and Spanish about sound as a treatment. Together with his wife and partner, Michele Averard has released several CDs for music, meditation and relaxation. His acclaimed CD guide, Aliquot Singing: A Practical Guide, contains clear tutorials and text in 6 languages ​​to learn these voice techniques.

Nestor knows how to use different techniques to enhance harmonic tones or pure frequencies in his voice, he can sing two, three or even four sounds at a time of 5 octaves. This knowledge has enabled him to take master classes on harmonic vocals at several universities. He has had concerts at Sacred Music festivals, Festivals dedicated to the art of healing, cathedrals and even world music festivals. The audience included prestigious guests such as H. Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

He currently lives with his family in Spain. Michele and I built a large sound dome where many workshops take place – The Dome Retreat Center.



Acommodation: Veduna retreats

A centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.

A space where new paradigms are pushed and deeper understandings are gained. Where we rekindle our connection to the land and reconnect with ourselves. For if we want to heal the world, we must seek to know ourselves first.

More: www.vedunaretreats.com

Organizer: Tjaša Cepuš

Master of Sound, Sound Alchemist, Aurasound Therapist, Masseuse, Bachelor of Economics. She is a creator, artist and alchemist, her contribution is to bring people into the deep perception of the higher vibrations of this world, the vibrations that heal, conceive Life and open our hearts to love. She has been involved in sound, music and dance all her life (she studied with renowned dance educators in Slovenia and abroad, music educators and sound therapists in Slovenia and abroad). “I feel that art is one that easily opens people’s hearts and brings them together into a pleasant whole.”

More: www.zvocni-spa.si


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