B.S. in Economics by profession, but also a sound alchemist, Aurasound therapist, NPK masseuse

I am a creator, artist and alchemist, my contribution is to give people a deep perception of higher vibrations of this world, the vibrations that heal, make sense of life and open our hearts to love.

I have been dealing with sound, music and dancing all my life (I studied with renowned dance educators, music teachers and sound therapists in Slovenia and abroad – Don Conreaux, Jonathan Goldman, Lysa Jean Farmer, Awahoshi, Mikael King and others – I f eel that art easily opens people’s hearts and links them in a pleasant whole.

In one decade of the implementation of sound services I created more than a thousand baths, audio workshops, audio treatments for children, youth and adults. Through the love of music, I was the initiator and co-performer of various experiental and spa concerts with violin, harp, guitar, vocals and gong, as well as other dance-music-acoustic performances and top events. At the same time, I communicated good information and knowledge in the companies where I wanted to contribute to the personal growth of employees and the new economy based on the integration and participation for the highest good. Through my activities, I created the Sound SPA, the name by which the sound events happen.

Through life experience, I learned how our bodies work, I discovered the intelligence of the body and the connection of emotions, thoughts, body and spirit in humans, thus supporting people in the release of stress, emotions and mental beliefs, in trusting the intuition, our own creation and joy of life. That is why I introduced massage in the sound events, as in this way it is easier to awaken, to relax the individual, while supporting the physical strength needed for harmonization with oneself.

The main values in my life are joy, coexistence, creativity and contribution to the people and the planet through my work, as well as harmonious life, personal growth …

I support people in the release of stress, emotions and mental beliefs, in trust, intuition, one’s own creation and joy of life, through high vibration of sound and touch. My motto is: Whatever you create should be good for humanity, the planet and the universe.



  • Cooperation on Concert Katrinas Valovanje – moje potovanje in Cankarjev dom – Festival Dao Yah
  • Concert Kristalinke in crystall hall Rogaška Slatina
  • Cooperation with Vesna Neferamis – event Sedem svetih stopnic in Hala Tivoli
  • Be InSpirit Festival Hotel Austria Ljubljana, cooperation in International congress
  • Event Soulstice with Slovene and International sound therapists and musicians, with Andrea Centazzo
  • Sound workshops in Austria
  • Performance INFINITI with Plesni forum Celje (dance club), Jadranka Juras (singer) and Inquartet (violin band)
  • Concerts with harph, guitar, violin, vocal, gong with different professional musicians (Alexandra Verbitskaya, Barbara Gabrielle, Vid Polončič Ruparčič…)
  • Wellness cincerts in SPA – main Slovene Wellness centres

  • Sound baths in all Slovenia areas for children, students and others
  • Sound workshops and cultural performances in Slovenia, main business events  (500 podjetnic, Energetska občina, Portal miru v Sloveniji, M.I.C.E., Planet GV, RC IKTS Žalec, Steklarna Hrastnik…)
  • Sound workshops for companies
  • Sound workshops for children in kindergarden (more than 1000 children), primary schools, secondary schools, faculties…
  • Women retreats with sound with Andreja Cepuš, Eleftheria Kakambouras and others
  • Sound events to promote World Sound Day, lot of charity sound events
  • Individual sound sessions and massages
  • Cooperation with Pavel Kumar, photographer, Healing energy of trees
  • Workshops with trees
  • Executing Watsu sessions

And more…

  • From 1984 to 2003 i was a dancer of Dance Forum Celje (Plesni forum Celje), cooperating in many performances (Rockereta, Krava v cirkusu, Veronika deseniška, Misterij muzinih pisem, 7+5, Vrata brez vrat, Oninone…).
    I was attending big seminars and dance festivals in world known dance choreographers in SLovenia and Wien.
    We got a first award in OPUS (dance competition) with duet with famous dancer Boštjan Antončič
  • In 1995 i was cooperating in theater performance Zelena kapica (SLG Celje)
  • I sang in the vocal group Heart ladies and we recorded some songs on RTV Slovenia, some in Celje, and performed more than 30 performances all over Slovenia
  • I have a degree in elementary music school for the piano
  • As a student I took part in other courses, drum, meditation, and from 2002 – 2004 as a demonstrator at the Faculty of Economics taught the subject Business Communication
  • I was always an excellent student and a student with many awards


Each cell in our body connects with another and together they create our muscles, organs, body fluids … All this is part of a larger whole, called a human being. And when people connect with each other, they create new ideas, projects, activities, centers, villages, cities and everything that is necessary for a quality life of an individual in society and nature. And all this integration is part of a larger whole, our planet Earth.

Together we are stronger and we can create even more miracles.

Therefore, the Sound SPA connects with:

  • ENVIR, pospeševalnik zavestnega komuniciranja

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What do I offer to support You?

I do sound, massage services, special workshops and experience concerts, which raise the vibration of your cells and open the space for new energy and power in your body. I feel parts of you that are willing to come on surface to free themselves and advise you on your change.

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