“Breath in. Breath out. Sound of Heart.
I open myself to Life.”

The Sound SPA is an integral program of sound, music and touch for the purpose of releasing the tension of physical, emotional and mental body, for the supporting of the perception of what creation of Life means, and for enjoying it.

Sound SPA baths, massages

~ Empowerment ~

The Sound SPA operates globally, to support the harmonization of individuals and groups with themselves.

Sound SPA workshops

~ Use of sound~

Training on the use of sound in the personal life and business world.

Sound SPA concerts

~ Awakening of the senses  ~

Concerts awaken the senses and take participants on a visual-sound-musical journey.

Sound SPA education

~ Experience counts~

It is time to use the integrated knowledge and transfer it into everyday life.

Tjaša Cepuš ~ Sound SPA z delfini

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Tjaša Cepuš ~ Introduction video

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Tjaša Cepuš o zvoku ~ Klepet ob kavi

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Time is NOW.

Sound SPA invites you to visit it and awaken yourself – realize the power and passion of your body and mind.

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